Tips How to Use New USB C Port

USB Type C

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips How to Use New USB C Port – This USB Type-C is one of the successors of micro USB-pot and finally come to the mid-range smartphones. There are many people said that they get great experience of its so far, so article will share tips on how use new USB Type C port and make you think that its so much better than its predecessors.

USB Type C can charge forwards and backwards

In both ends of USB C cable not look the same, however they are able to do same things in both ends, means that you are able to decide in which direction in the current flows. If you have enough power for coming hours, then you are able to help your friend by charging their devices by using smartphone’s power from yours. To do so, you have to connect both of smartphones or devices and choose the power flow. You can choose it by opening the menu from attached notification.

USB Type-c loads quickly

The USB IF as the industry association behind this prot had been learned from its mistakes in the past in the micro0USB and produce better specification for this USB Type-C. Charger with this USB C is usually faster than genera charge that use in your smartphone. It said that five times quicker than most of chargers which still using older port.

It can copy your daya

Whether you want to copy images or music quicker from one smartphone into others, then you can use this USB Type-c and Android will detect in the other end of cable and offer you to share your data quickly. You only need to open up the file explorer on your device where you usually receive the files. This is pre-installed application in many smartphone manufacturers. So, there are several things and benefit that you can get from this USB Type C port.