Tips Interior Design for Living Room

Interior Design for Living Room

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips Interior Design for Living Room – Interior design for living room must be considered carefully because living room becomes the place where homeowner can welcome the guests. It should be pretty representative for welcoming the guests but at the same time, it should provide comfort needed by the family members. That is why it is better if we consider about some tips about interior design which can be applied for the living room.

Furniture Selection

People can try to decorate their living room from nothing. Some of them want to update their existing living room. No matter what, there will be some furniture they own which must be considered carefully. They need to make sure that the furniture can be suitable for the design which will be applied in the living room. The living room can be made or broke by choosing the right size and style of the furniture after all.

Focal Point

There might be a question about the importance of focal point in the living room. In fact, when people walk into the living room for the very first time, their eyes will fall to the focal point in the room. The common focal point which can be found is mantle or fireplace with large size. If we do not have this kind of feature in the living room, we actually can make it with some ideas. We can simply put oversized mirror in the living room for instance. Other grand things can also be considered including extra large artwork and a piano. It is necessary to decide the focal point first because they can decorate the remaining area so it can feel cohesive with the focal point.


The living room aesthetic will be affected a lot by color palette chosen. It can be monochromatic for modern living room for instance. However, people can also use a few colors that are complementing each other as the color palette of the living room. People can use the idea of using black and white as the base color of the living room and adding a touch of neutral birch and mustard yellow for creating harmonious look in the living room.

Function and Beauty

The function and the beauty of the living room must be kept in balance. That is very important for making gorgeous living room. When people need additional storage space in the living room for instance, they need to choose the beautiful piece which can be useful as well for concealing the small things. Of course it must blend well with other decorative element of interior design for living room.