Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy


SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips to Keep Eyes Healthy – There’s nothing to explain about how important the role of our eyes. We already know it very well and that’s the reason why maintaining our eyes in healthy condition is very crucial. Unfortunately, many of us take our eyes for granted with bad habits leading us to various problems related to the eyes. So, we are highly recommending these important tips on how to keep eyes healthy. Those tips are:

Manage a healthy diet

Yes, what you eat has important role to keep your eyes healthy. Choose food ingredients rich of nutrients such as Omega-3, zinc, lutein, and Vitamin A, C and E to help maintaining good condition of the eyes and prevents various eye diseases. Healthy balanced diet also prevents overweight leading to diabetes or other systemic conditions. Those conditions can lead to eye problems like glaucoma or even vision loss.

Learn more your family eye’s health history

Various eye conditions are hereditary. Knowing there’s family member having certain eye disease would be a warning alarm and it allows you to consult with health professional for better preventive measures.

Avoid UV rays’ exposure

Too much UV radiation from the sunlight can lead into cataract or muscular degeneration. Be sure to shades and protect your eyes on daylight by wearing UV protection sunglasses or prescription eye glasses.

Use safety eyewear

Safety eyewear is important to protect your eyes from hazardous airborne materials at working environment or on outdoor area. It is also important safety wear to prevent eyes injury when doing various sports.

Allow your eyes to rest properly

Computer, TV, and gadget screens are the biggest nemesis of healthy eyes these days. Be sure to regularly take a rest from those screens. On working hours, take time to look away from computer for a while to give let the eyes rest. Be sure to not watching TV or gadgets too long.

Regular eye health checkup

Regular visit to eye doctor is also important to get an exam and keep your eyes condition well monitored. Regular checkup will detect possible eye disease and problem in earlier stage to get the right treatment with better result.

That’s how to keep eyes healthy and prevents possible eye diseases.