Tips to Repair Your iPhone 5S Damaged Screen

Iphone 5S

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Tips to Repair Your iPhone 5S Damaged Screen – Your iPhone 5S screen is damaged, cracked or broken. Now, what would you do? There are several options that you can use to fix iphone 5s screen problem that you have. You can fix it by yourself, because there is iPhone screen replacement kit you can use. But, before you do it, it would be better, if you consider other option to solve this problem.


The first solution is AppleCare+. This is warranty that you will get when you buy iPhone product. If the damage is caused by accident, you can ask for replacement. Apple will give you either screen replacement or the entire phone replacement.

DIY Methods

This is actually the last method you can use. To fix the screen, you must buy front panel and LCD, because both of them are merged together. Find the replacement screen that has front facing camera, ear piece and sensor that has already assembled to save your time. Maybe, you also need to get new Home Button, because only few screen replacement product that has this button intact in it. So, you need to buy it separately.

Now to replace the screen, first remove your SIM Card. Then, use the special screwdriver from replacement kit that you buy, open the screws on the bottom edge to remove front panel. Use suction cup, so you can remove it safely. Do not forget to detach the cable under it.

The next step is installing the Home Button. You can transfer the old Home Button or use the new one, into your new front panel. After that, you can install the panel. Actually, in replacement kit, you can find writing instruction and video manual that will help you to install your new screen. So, follow it carefully, and your iPhone 5S screen will be fixed like new.