Unique Modern Living Room Ideas

Unique Modern Living Room

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Unique Modern Living Room Ideas – Modern living room ideas must be a favorite choice chosen by many people in their home. It does not mean that they have to use modern decoration style for the whole house when they want to have modern living room style after all. There are some unique ideas which can be applied for creating modern living room which is different from the common one.


Bohemian Living RoomModern and bohemian style sounds like two different things that cannot be combined especially for the room decoration. In fact, we can find super unique look in the living room by adding modern element into the bohemian styled living room. The key is by adding Lucite coffee table with vintage style. The bohemian living room can be made into modern room with eco friendly method. The Lucite coffee table offers the illusion of floating rug texture and colors. It looks like touching the objects placed on the coffee table.


Calming Living RoomCalming atmosphere usually will be built in the bedroom but in fact, we can also create it in the living room. For creating the calming living room, there is a great inspiration which can be chosen including by using the bookshelf. Bookshelf usually looks very serious but we can make it fun by arranging the book collection in color code. It can be combined with the pops of color for creating sophisticated and playful look in the living room. Perfection can be found by using leather sofa with chic style.



Natural Living RoomWhen people are talking about modern design, it must be very familiar with the hard edged shapes. It is surely common for modern design and decoration but we can soften the room by choosing the soft edges for everything in the living room. The soft edges will give organic shape which can soften the total look in the room. As the result, we can find the living room with contemporary look. The organic living room can also be found by adding various pieces which can stand out such as wooden table and leather chairs.

Elevated Ultra Modern

Elevated Ultra Modern Living RoomThe modern design and decoration for living room might be simple but we actually can bring the uncommon elements into the modern living room for making it different. For instance, we can elevate the living room by using swivel chairs for giving ultra modern look. This way, the conversation can be encouraged instead of using ordinary sofa for the modern living room ideas.