USB Type-C Dongles that You Can Use to Connect New Macbook Pro

USB Type C

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, USB Type-C Dongles that You Can Use to Connect New Macbook Pro –┬áThe newer MacBooks come with lighter and thinner body. Of course, USB-C is very versatile port. It would be a great thing where all of accessories finally use USB Type-C. However, we are not there yet, in this point you will need Apple USB C adapter.

However, this is also depending on how much of your pro ca do in your MacBrook Pro, because your adaptor needs can be so varied as well. So, information below provide you with all of dongles that you might need most and choose one fits you most.

USB Type-C to USB

USB Type-C to USBThe word surrounds you still the same. Anyone still has hard drive and thumb drives in order to run their traditional USB-A port. Even you charger cable on iPhone is still has USB port at the end. So, this is better to get this accessory and save all around.

USB Type-C to Lightning

USB Type-C to LightningIf you do not want an adaptor but still want to charge or synchronize your iPhone from MacBook directly, then the best option is USB Type-C to lightning adaptor. Even, you are also able to use USB-C to lightning to charge your devices from wall adaptor by buying an Apple USB C adapter wall.

USB Type-C to Thunderbolt 2

USB Type-C to Thunderbolt 2We all know that Thunderbolt items are never cheap and this adaptor might continue that trend. The USB-ports that you can find on MacBook were Thunderbolt ports. This is adaptor that you need for monitor or backup drive as well.

USB-C to Mini Display Port and DisplayPort

USB-C to Mini Display PortIf you have a monitor which connects throughout DisplayPort or even mini DisplayPort, then you will need this cable. You can buy this dongle bu hunting on online market platform. There are many other dongles that you can use to connect into your new MacBook Pro.