Visitor Guide for Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Visitor Guide for Grand Canyon South Rim – Grand Canyon South Rim is one of the most interesting things about Grand Canyon. You do not need to worry to find accommodation in this area because South Rim is the place for attractions, restaurants, and of course hotels. Every year, there are almost 5 million people visited this location. So, here we are talking about this holiday spot.

The weather

In summer, the temperature is between 70s and 80s. Meanwhile, winter brings temperature about 40s. The seasons are pretty distinct. The dry yet warm summer and sometimes the monsoon season can be found during June to September. The storms are commonly happen during afternoon between July and August. But the storms only bring lighting and wind without rain. Anyway, rainy season brings a lot of interesting activities in the Grand Canyon Village.

Things to see

Grand Canyon South Rim offers a lot of things to see when you are visiting this place. The most popular sights to see are such as:

  • Pima Point that offers view of Colorado River and also the view of Grand Canyon for over 40 miles!
  • Mohave Point gives you sunset.
  • Hopi Point is the place for seeing sunset right behind the walls of Canyon.
  • Yavapai Point gives great panoramic view.
  • Maher Point is the place where you can see almost ΒΌ of the whole Grand Canyon.
  • Yaki Point
  • Desert View

Who can visit South Rim?

South Rim is like the perfect place to start your exploration of Grand Canyon especially if you are a beginner or first-time visitor. The views are easily recognized and the amenities are great. South Rim is also the place with so many activities. If you bring family and kids, this place will be a compliment for you. Since there are various inns and restaurants, this place is like the best point for a solo traveler who drives by herself or himself. But if you prefer the guided bus tour then the West Rim is probably better.

South Rim vs West Rim

South Rim vs West RimSouth Rim offers the attractive destinations like Lookout Studio, Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon Village and many more. Meanwhile, West Rim is much better for an adventurer who has visited this place for so many times. It offers Guano Point, Hualapai Ranch, and Skywalk.

South Rim offers more numbers of viewpoints than the West Rim. So, if you would love to take pictures of various viewpoints, South Rim is best option for you. So, this is the end of Grand Canyon South Rim.