Weight Loss Diet Booster: Gut Bacteria Weight Loss

Good Bacteria

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, Weight Loss Diet Booster: Gut Bacteria Weight Loss – Gut bacteria weight loss is kind of the weight loss diet booster. Since there are trillions of bacteria in your body, you can take advantage of them especially those that are located in the intestines. Gut bacteria play many important roles related to human’s health. They communicate with the immune system and produce several vitamins.

The bacteria affect the digestive

As we have mentioned earlier, the gut bacteria are located in the intestines. They have direct contact with the foods that pass the digestive. The bacteria play a huge role in absorbing important nutrients and storing the energy in your body. According to some research, the absorption of fiber by the gut bacteria could help you to lose your weight. Other than that, it could also digest certain kinds of antioxidants which cause weight gain.

The bacteria affect inflammation

Gut bacteria weight loss could prevent inflammation in your body especially those are caused by unhealthy foods. When your foods contain too many calories, sugar, or fat, it would elevate the chemical that causes inflammation. The gut bacteria could fight it and it simply contributes to weight gain.

The bacteria help you feel full

Essentially, our body produces numerous different types of hormones. They affect our appetite. According to how much the bacteria are produced in our body, it could make us feel full or even hungry. Since they play role in appetite, it could help you to lose weight as well. But it depends on foods that you have eaten.

Best and worst foods for the gut bacteria

The best foods for your gut bacteria include fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seed, and foods contain a high level of polyphenols like green tea, red wine, and dark chocolate. Other than that, you can take fermented foods and probiotic as long as you put a moderate amount of it. Meanwhile, the worst foods include sugary foods that contain artificial sweeteners and those that contain bad fats.

The bottom line

As we have mentioned earlier, there are plenty of bacteria in your body. They might influence our health in overall, in many ways. The gut bacteria in our body could help the organs digest the food and store the fats. It also makes you feel hungry or even full. The healthy ones would help the body to maintain a healthy yet proportional weight. Consuming a lot of foods rich in fiber could help to promote healthy gut bacteria weight loss.