What Are Good and Bad Bacteria in Human’s Body?

SHARINGBEYOND.COM, What Are Good and Bad Bacteria in Human’s Body? – Do you know that your body has many bacteria? There are at least 100 billion of bacteria types in your body. The bacteria live in digestive system, mouth, skin, and the other parts of your body. The bacteria are divided into good and bad bacteria.

Types of Good Bacteria

Good bacteria are helping your body system very well. The bacteria can prevent some diseases and bad bacteria causing diseases. The first good bacteria are acidophilus bifidus assisting to reduce cholesterol level and prevent the growth of bad fungus like Candida Albicans. It is able to remove toxic from your body and increase body immune system. Streptomyces is used for making antibiotic. Rhizobium takes an important role in nitrogen fixation. E Col is found in intestine and bowel famously to be enteric bacteria. Streptococcus mutans is a bacteria type found in mouth functioning to change sucrose to be lactate acid.

A Small Number of Bad Bacteria

After knowing good bacteria in body, it is time to reveal bad bacteria. There are only small number of bad bacteria in the body but it is dangerous. Good bacteria is helpful for digestion process and nutrition absorption in the body. Meanwhile, bad bacteria are mostly found in outside of body causing infection.

There are some types of bad bacteria that you should know. Clostridia is a kind of bad bacteria infecting badly your body. Some types of clostridia bacteria are not dangerous but some are harmful. As an example, clostridium perfringes can cause network and tissue of your body getting lack of oxygen and foods. It is able to cause the dead gland. Meanwhile, clostridium difficile infecting digestion channel causes diarrhea. Streptococci is infecting body and causing some health problems. Staphylococci is able to cause skin infections. Those are some types of good and bad bacteria affecting your body health.